Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Weekend

It seriously felt like a con.

I worked from midnight to 8 AM, black friday. While at work, my friends came to visit, and they also bought something. It was nice of them. Then 2 of my friends stayed the entire time, till I got off work, John and Nate. I was touched. Then after I got off, we talked for a bit and apparently I got stolen. John friend told me to pack my bags and that I was going with him for the weekend. Uhh okay? Haha XD we went to his house and all past out. I was exhausted from work. Then we woke up around 4 and had to take Nate to physical therapy. That took about an hour. Then CRAZY IDEA, Vexxy lived 30 mins from John. [grins] So we ended up going to Vex's house. I WAS SO EXCITED >D And then Bella came over :D Then we ended up doing stupid shit like we usually do. Played this game called 'the impossible game' on the xbox, its so addicting. Then we invited Soy and Ashli. Haha gooooood times. I also fixed Vexxy's Sebastian and Rin cosplay.

Lets see..trying to make this short. We woke up, having like 4 hours of sleep and played games and whatnot. we kinda just laid around, watching movies and stuff, we were tired, plus it was raining =_=. Then around 6, we left to go to my friends birthday meetup. Fun, but i was tired and not feeling well. We went out to eat, and got her chicken and waffles XD lawwwl. Then me john and nate, went to jewel to buy food to make for vexxy's family, it was our thank you gift. So we made chicken with lemon and riceballs, along with some sides. Everyone loved it :D Then Me, John, Nate, Vexxy, vexxys brother and sister, we all just were doing stupid shit and drinking mountain dew, so yes, I got hyper. Started playing this game, that you say the first thing that comes to mind. It was sooo funny. Then Bella chased me with a broom wtf. XD Just alot of random shit happened. 
Woke up around 10 AM. Because we had to leave early. It was fun trying to get Vexxy up. XD. We were in the kitchen with everyone else, talking and saying goodbye. It was sad D: But i didnt wanna show it, since Vexxy's parents were there. So we said our fair wells and left around noon. Got home around 2 and fell asleep XD. So tired. It felt like a convention. Didn't get up til 7PM, and I remember I had math homework, and I might not get up tomorrow, because I took a nap and slept, I'm going to be up for a while XD Damnit John, this all started for stealing me after Black Friday XD

Overall, I really enjoyed myself. There were a few bumps but thats okay. I lost my voice because I am still currently sick and my throat hurts, but I still had fun. We should do it again soon~

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