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Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: Episode 8

The episode that starts all the feelings~

It starts off where the last episode ending. Teiichi and Yuuko in the club room. She doesn't remember him and Teiichi goes frantic about it. Then she saids goodbye to him because he made her suffer, which is why she forgot him. Wait, how does she know that? Maybe she KNOWS that shes pushing her emotions out. She then looks at his leg and asks what happened, then asks if it was her fault, which gives her the more reason to stay away from him. He tries to reach for her but she refuses and asks him not to touch her.
So then it goes into Teiichi talking to Kirie. I hate when episodes do this, where they randomly start another scene. Oh well. Anyway, Teiichi tells Kirie that Yuuko's memories are gone and that she isn't cheerful anymore. Kirie explains that she cut off memories to protect herself then asks if they fought. Then she said that Yuuko is the one that pushed him down the stairs and Teiichi saids no. What the crap, yes it was. He then said that it must have been an accident, and even if it was, she is still separating herself from Teiichi. Maybe its a guilty conscience. She comes to a conclusion its amnesia. Well duh. Lol.

The episode comes back to Kirie explaining the situation. Saying that its kinda like when your a child and you do something bad, you get punished for it. When your older, you tend not to make the same mistake. Yuuko doesn't have that. In other words, your personality is the product of your memories. No memories to recall that situation, you will do it again and not feel any wrong in it. Does that make sense? Anyway, then the conversation goes off into Kirie asking Teiichi if hes getting back together with Yuuko. Damn. Lol. She said she could replace her but he didn't like it too much. So Teiichi goes back to class, and walking to, he finds Yuuko in the hallway looking outside. He stands there deciding on what to do, so he turns around and walks the other way.
As he walks back into the school, hes walking faster and faster, thinking about what Yuuko said to him. He repeats "who are you" in his head and ends up freaking out to the point of him falling to the ground. That was so hard to watch, poor Teiichi. So he's on the floor crying. AH! So cute ;A; So then Okonogi is walking past and sees him and runs to help him up. She's so cute. So, she lets him use her shoulder and the walk back to class. Ahhh I can't stand how cute she is. So now they are eating lunch together, and Okonogi is trying to feed him again. She saids shes the nurse and that he needs to recover fast. Ah cute. He turns away slightly from blushing and sees Yuuko, but then she disappears and then Okonogi shoves the food in his mouth. Haha. So she goes for the egg this time and Teiichi accepts it but right when its almost in his mouth, the chopsticks fall. Okay really? Stop lying Yuuko! Uh like I don't know. I'm thinking that Shadow Yuuko did that because she is the one with the memories, plus the bell sound went off. 
So, it the next day and Teiichi is getting better. He replaced his crutches with just a cane now, and Okonogi asks him to come back to club when hes recovered. So its now lunch time again, and Okonogi and Teiichi are eating again. And shes feeding him again, and hes taking it. Its so cute. Ah~ The funny thing is, Kirie is secretly like spying on them? Why? Lol. So it starts raining and its PE time. Teiichi is standing watching and Okonogi is watching Teiichi haha. So, Teiichi gets the basketball passed to him, and he goes to throw it back, trying to make the basket, and a random volleyball knocks it path. The fuck. Shes pissing me off. But, you don't see Yuuko at all doing anything of this, but then it goes to Kirie's face, and shes not that happy. 

So Kirie calls Teiichi for a talk where they first met. She asks him if this is what he wants. Kirie pretty much starts to break down. She saids she admires Yuuko, but she stops there. I think shes mad that hes giving up so easily. So then, a force pulls her away from Teiichi and she falls to the ground. You hear the sound of bells, but nothings there. So it goes back to the next day, and Teiichi and Okonogi are having lunch again. She goes off to buy them drinks and he sees she left her journal on the table. So he picks it up and opens it and sees what Yuuko wrote in there a while ago. Pretty much YuukoxTeiichi. Now, he gets it. He completely forgot about her because of Okonogi. He even asked himself when was the last time he said Yuuko. So Okonogi comes back and then her friends come from behind her, and tease her saying Teiichi is cute and that she talks about him a lot, which of course makes her blush. So her friends leave, and Okonogi saids that she admires him a lot. She said that he devoted himself to solving mysteries, like he did it for someone. Ding ding, this jogged his memories. She flats out asks if Teiichi has someone he likes, and he saids yes, thinking about Yuuko. She smiles and saids okay and she knew he had someone else but at least she tried. How sweet. So, since hes determined now, he runs off saying he had to go somewhere. 

So, he makes his way to the club room, and Kirie is trying to stop him, saying going there isn't going to do anything, but all he wants to do is see Yuuko. He can't even see her anymore, but he said that his feelings are strong, so he's gonna try. He pretty much yells at her saying he isn't giving up and hes not letting her be alone, so Kirie lets him go. He runs into the club room and screams her name and she finally appears. This is where things get intense. So he grabs her wrist, and takes off with her, trying to jog her memory. So they both get up to the rooftop and let me just say, its so pretty! The autumn leaves are blowing in the wind. He keeps on explain on what they did together. He said he wanted to figure out her past, but he was really wanting to know more about her heart. She asks why and he finally said. Because he loves her. YAY
Oh yeah Teiichi. CONFESSION. His face was still sad, because she still didn't remember him. So hes begging her to remember and hes walking towards her, when he trips and lands on top of her. Typical. Lol. Turns out, when he fell, he grabbed on her boob. My god. She starts crying and smiling, saying that he touched her again. The same place that he touched her before. She gets up and hugs him, saying she loves him too, and he saids it again that he loves her.
And for some ODD reason, Okonogi comes out of no where. She flat out saids that Teiichi loves the ghost Yuuko and that everything makes sense now. But shes, happy about it? Ah shes so cute, I'm guessing shes happy for him. She said she couldn't compare to a famous ghost. Lol. 

AHHH THIS EPISODE ENDING YAYYYYY. Finally. I was crying so much, just because I was waiting for this to happen ahaha. 


Kirie is back in the club room and opens a book where has a picture of Yuuko and her grandma, and shes wondering where Yuuko's memories went when she separated them, and the sound of bells comes on, and you see Shadow Yuuko behind her, with the bell at her wrist. Now she knows that the force that pushed her away when she was talking to Teiichi was Shadow Yuuko! Whatttt??? Shadow Yuuko stands there and asks who are you. What is she playing? MER


Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: Episode 7

Lucky Number 7!
The episode starts out with Teiichi and Okonogi in the piano room and the piano is playing by itself. Lol. Okonogi saids that that is the evil spirit and then you see Yuuko playing the piano singing a silly song. So Teiichi grabs his charm and banishes the spirit, which is Yuuko. So Yuuko plays along and bangs on the piano one more time, saying "Bang he's got me!". So cute. So pretty much, Yuuko can't play the piano anymore. hha. Yuuko tells Teiichi that since she can't play with the piano anymore, Teiichi has to be with her all the time starting the next day. So then Okonogi gives Teiichi a rag to wipe off his sweat, and Yuuko gets a little tense. Okonogi asks Teiichi if he can give her private lessons on ghost busting. Bah shes so cute.
She also saids that she wants to know more about Teiichi and Yuuko gets mad and kicks over a chair, to scare Okonogi. The bell noise comes up again, and you see Shadow Yuuko standing on top of the roof. Then the opening sequence. 

So it goes to Kirie sitting in the club room, looking at the picture her grandma gave her. The one of her grandma and Yuuko, and the bell noise comes up again. It goes back to Kirie's mind, from episode 6 when she meets Shadow Yuuko at the very end of the episode. Shadow Yuuko explains that one never changes, we just repeat. That another iteration as happened. Kirie asks who is she, and the shadow responds 'learn some more' and jumps on her, and then it goes back to present, back to the clubroom. So we are in front of the school, where Yuuko is waiting for Teiichi. But somethings different, shes wearing a track suit. haha. Teiichi has PE first period, so she went along with him. Omg Teiichi in PE uniform. <333 ;///; *cough* anyway, Teiichi takes the basketball and passes it to Yuuko, and she makes a basket. But heres the thing, no one can see Yuuko so its just a floating ball. Lol. 
So Yuuko jumps on Teiichi and it looks like hes getting a seizure because no one can see her. So, they are in the classroom now, and Yuuko is sitting on his lap while he's in class. She keeps telling him the answers are wrong while hes asking her about her past. Clearly she isn't caring lol. Teiichi tells her that they have been together all day and she asks if he doesn't like it, he does but he feels weird. She answers with a reason because she likes him, but he kinda feels awkward. I would too if she started to act this way. 

So now its lunch time, and Yuuko grabs Teiichi and wants to go to the roof to have lunch, but Okonogi stops Teiichi in the hallway and asks him. He saids yes and Yuuko gets a bit upset. So what does she do? Yuuko sits right in the middle of the table that Teiichi and Okonogi are at, so Teiichi can't see Okonogi. What a meany lol. Okonogi saids that shes happy that they are eating lunch together, Yuuko gets mad, and eats all of Teiichi's food. Okay, thats mean. Like this whole episode made me hate Yuuko. Okonogi sees his food is all gone, so she tries to feed him some egg. Yuuko gets soooo pissed, she flicks the  chopsticks from Okonogi's hand and it falls to the ground. But, in Yuuko's face, she seemed to just get what she did? Like she was in a trance, and now realized what she did. Teiichi is already pissed. So Okonogi apologizes for being clumsy and goes to wash the chopsticks. Teiichi pretty much yells at Yuuko and she apologizes. What a bitch, like omg. 
So then, Teiichi and Kirie are walking to class, and Teiichi mentions what happened to Kirie. Pretty much, Yuuko has been acting differently. Kirie mentions the "red lady' ghost story. She said after she heard it, she saw madness, rage and hatred. Pretty much, fear took over her, and she saw the Shadow. Kirie explains that Yuuko's form is like envy, hatred, and grief itself. She explains that its weird for that to happen since Yuuko doesn't hate. She doesn't cry or show anger. Its unnatural. Pretty much, she only gets emotional when shes near Teiichi. While they are talking, HAS ANYONE NOTICED THIS??
When you see it, you'll shit bricks! Lol. Top right corner. So, Yuuko sees Teiichi and calls out to him, but then sees Kirie, and she get mad. Because of that, Shadow Yuuko appears behind her. Shadow Yuuko is trying to talk to her, but she completely ignores her. Kirie goes on and mentions personality disorder. She thinks that Yuuko has mulitple personalities and that she stuffs her emotions in those 'bodies', to protect themselves from stress. In other words, it would be impossible to get her memories back if Yuuko keeps doing that. They keep talking and Yuuko comes up from behind them, and so does Shadow Yuuko. Shadow Yuuko is trying to talk to Yuuko to remember, and Yuuko is yelling at her to stop, as Kirie is saying that Shadow Yuuko is a aspect of Yuuko with a mind of its own, considering all Shadow Yuuko is are emotions. Then, all of them noticed Shadow Yuuko and turn around to see her. Then Shadow Yuuko pulls the punchline. She admits to being Yuuko too. Here's the thing, They can only see Shadow Yuuko, when Yuuko is upset. 
Her past. Her heart. Her shadow. So, Yuuko runs off scared and Teiichi chases after her. Yuuko keeps saying that thing isn't her, and they end up in the courtyard where the cursed rock is. Teiichi bends down and looks at the rock carefully, because he noticed something weird about it. He scrubbed of a few things. 1953 the year was, and a plague started, and students died. It was a memorial stone! DUN DUN DUN. Yuuko's name was under the students name. So she died from the plague. But wait, there's more. She couldn't have been because she was underneath the school. Teiichi explains that all of the ghost stories at the school are related to her in some way. And that in order to calm everyone from the plague, she was a human offering. Yuuko saids she think she offered to be the sacrifice, since she has not lingering hatred. Shadow Yuuko comes back and tells Yuuko, the only reason why shes pretty is because she forced all the of anger towards Shadow Yuuko. Yuuko yells saying she can't do anything, and Shadow Yuuko saids Yuuko has to remember and Yuuko doesn't want to. Shadow Yuuko saids that Yuuko has fallen in love for the first time, so that itself is a new born feeling, jealously. So Teiichi goes home, and Yuuko is wondering the school like she usually does, but she sees Shadow Yuuko a lot more now, and doesn't like it. 

The next day, shes acting like her self again. All day with Teiichi and she pretty much repeats what happened the day before. Sitting on his lap and going to lunch and stuff. So they are both up on the roof eating lunch, and Teiichi asks if everything is okay. Yuuko saids yes. 
OKAY SO THIS IS WHERE EVERYONE GETS CONFUSED. Okay, so Yuuko saids that whenever Teiichi looks at her shes scared and she keeps repeating who are you. Here's whats going on. Whenever Yuuko looks at Teiichi, in his eyes, he sees Shadow Yuuko. So, because she sees Shadow Yuuko, shes doing the same thing she has been doing, dumping out her feelings onto the shadow. Thats what shes doing now. So since shes in a weak state of mind, Shadow Yuuko takes over her body..AND PUSHING HIM DOWN THE STAIRS??? AHHH I CRIED SO HARD.
Comment if you cried in this part? My god. Ahh I thought Teiichi died. Then you see Shadow Yuuko come out from her, and Yuuko just realized what she did. She just repressed her emotion, jealously, and now repressed Teiichi. UHHHHH WHYYY. 

So, you see Teiichi come back in bandages and crutches. HES ALIVE OMGGG. He makes his way back tot he club room, and finds Yuuko. She saids hello to him and asks for his name. Her last words are" Anata wa dare" which means, "who are you". AHHHHHHH ;~;

Stay tuned for episode 8! things get more intense!

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Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: Episode 6

ARGH! I'm going to try and finish the entire series today. I already finished the series, just didn't finish writing these for the episodes. sorry ^^"

The episode starts out with the 6th rumor. Akahito. He attacks students that stay late at school. If you are caught, he will drain the blood from your body, because he is red from the blood splashed on him. He is called Akahito-san because the character means RED.

So its the next day after the school festival and the group is outside the haunted house talking. A girl comes up to them and asks if she can go into the haunted house. But, you can't see her face. The girl walks in and saids she came here to meet Yuuko, and closes the door. Then Okonogi goes off and explains the 6th mystery. That a monster attacks students after hours, but apparently, Akahito was actually a legend of a servant of the gods. The legend about human offering. So, years ago, people believe the lands were cursed by the god's anger, so in order to please that, the god's servant, Akahito, would bring one villager to the gods. And thats when that strange girl walks out of the room. They ask if she saw Yuuko, and she replies with a yes and that it was scary, but she didn't look scared at all.

Yuuko comes from the room and said that the girl was lying. She never saw Yuuko. Why does Yuuko seems so upset then? So then you see that strange girl starring at the 'haunted house' poster, when 3 girls run up to her in tears. They tell the girl that another student saw Akahito, so that makes it the 13th time that day, and they are going to be killed soon. The girl answers with a don't worry and that she will protect them. But she does it in an awesome way lol.
Lol the small things I find entertaining. Come on, ^ thats awesome right? XD Anyway, The girls thank her and say her name. Come on, guess what her name is? =_= ITS FRICKEN YUUKO. Like, the hell? There's two of them? Mer. Anyway, Yuuko and Teiichi are running around the festival, and Yuuko wants to eat pretty much everything they have to offer. lol. So as they are running around the festival, the rumors about Akahito are still floating around. Teiichi asks Yuuko if there are any other ghosts out there besides herself, and she doesn't know, she's never seen one. They both stop because they see a ribbon tainted in blood flying around and then they see Akahito standing on top of the rooftop.
Kinda reminds me of a bad horror film with the monsters. lol. He runs off and a scream surrounds the hallways, which makes Yuuko and Teiichi run to it. They get to the rooftop, and Yuuko, that girl, not Yuuko-san, was attacked by Akahito and is covered in her own blood. But, the girl smiles, so I'm thinking she planned all of this. Here's her smile.
If that's not a legit evil plot smile, I don't know what is. So, the crazy scared classmates figure out that to stop Akahito is to have a human offering. The sacrifice is the one the stays after school, the one that never leaves the campus. Ding ding, guess who that is. So they all run towards the haunted house like frantic mice, and bang on the doors wildly. The group is already in the room and they all try to push the door back, the door is locked but the crowd is so big that its starting to open the door. I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing at this part because of Okonogi. I MEAN LOOK. 
WHAHAH XDD omggg. and her voice is pretty funny to. Well Teiichi tells Yuuko to run, but shes already gone and since Okonogi hears Teiichi say that, she lets go of the door to see Yuuko and the door snaps. Good job Okonogi. So the group pulls Teiichi out into the hallway, circling him, and that's when the windows start to shatter, one by one. The group gets scared and run away and we then see that it was Yuuko-san, that busted all the windows with a bat. Then other Yuuko comes out, walks right past Yuuko and talks to Teiichi. She finally introduced herself as Kirishima Yuuko. She explains she hates people that believe ghost stories. She hates people that live off of them and people that let ghost stories live their lives. I kinda understand that, why would you want to be scared all the time? She then saids that Yuuko should just disappear and that she will destroy all of the ghost stories. 
I think shes really pretty. Anyway, it goes back into Kirishima's memories, on how she was bullied because of her name, and she just keeps repeating "i will destroy". So shes back up, on top of the school's roof, and the 3 girls come back and ask her what they should do, since they never found Yuuko-san. Kirishima explains that the one that Akahito wants to kill is Yuuko-san, but then a picture of her pops up, and the girls repeat it. She keeps repeating to the girls the one Akahito wants is Yuuko-san, and the girls repeat after her, like shes brainwashing them. Kirishima saids that she will protect them and they say thank you, but then change her name to "yuuko-san" and Kirishima freaks out, then gets hit in the face. It goes back to Yuuko-san and Teiichi cleaning up the broken glass from earlier, when Kirie runs to them and saids to help that Kirishima is now made into a human offering. Dun Dun Dun. Turns out the classmates went nuts and are now thinking Kirishima is Yuuko-san, because of the same name. Teiich tells Yuuko that she needs to be the one to save Kirishima.

So we are back to where Kirishima is. She is tied up in a chair, trying to knock some sense into the classmates. Clearly, its not working, the classmates don't care what she saids. But Kirishima admits she was behind Akahito, but no one is listening. Everyone is surrounding her, laughing.
Crazy classmates. I guess that's how you act when your scared of death? She screams at them saying that they are stupid for beielve such dumb stories, and that's when a knife comes down and rips her shirt off. What? Lol. Not screenshoting that haha. The crowd replies back saying that the stories do exist, and they are very scared, and to make this better, they need Yuuko-san. So they are all weird looking, with big eyes and noodle like bodies, they are all talking, saying Yuuko-san is amazing for spilling her blood, that they need her, that shes their savior, and things like that. Just when they were about to strike Kirishima, Akahito comes out and stops them. He walks up to Kirishima and looks at her and saids "you are not Yuuko-san", but...its Yuuko's voice. It fades out, and you really see whats going on, and Yuuko saids Sorry. 
Here's the thing, everyone in that room, including Kirishima, sees Akahito, but its really Yuuko. Remember, everyone sees what they are scared of, and thats how they view Yuuko. So 'Akahito' turns around and saids this isn't Yuuko and their punishment for getting it wrong is to pay with their blood, so they start running and screaming. Teiichi comes from the shadows and saves Kirishima from the chair, and saids that the one she saw was Yuuko-san, the ghost, and she is the one that saved her. So, the crowd is still running, and Akahito is chasing them until they get outside, and nothing is there. So then, Teiichi and Kirishima are by the old school building, and she walks away from him after asking if he is scared of ghost stories and he saids no. Kirishima keeps walking and Teiichi tells her that the real Yuuko-san isn't a mean ghost. Yuuko-san appears and starts walking towards Teiichi and he calls her name, and Kirishima turns around. I'm thinking she thinks Teiichi called her that name. She turns back around and keeps walking, and walks past Yuuko and saids sorry.
What a cute ending. I'm kinda upset we didn't get more information about Kirishima. And considering the fact that this is the only episode you see her in. I wonder if she transferred out or something. At times, I feel like this episode was just a filler for another mystery, since it really didn't do much to the plot at all. 

ITS NOT OVER, WATCH TIL THE ENDING SONG IS OVER, THERE IS MORE. totally missed it the first time around.
So after the ending song, Kirie and Okonogi are... actually I don't really know. I guess they were putting up something? It doesn't really explain much. But apparently there was a prank? And Okonogi gets scared and runs back down, and Kirie stays and see Shadow Yuuko again, with the sound of a bell. 


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Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: Episode 5

Onto episode 5!
The episode starts off with Kirie's voice asking 'why?' But then you see what it seems to be Yuuko in a maids outfit. Maybe its Kirie? Then opening sequence~

Ahh~ It's time for the school festival, like in every anime, there needs to be one lol. You see Kirie walking down the hallways, when she sees a sign for 'haunted house'. So, she follows it. It leads her to the clubroom, that has been transformed into a haunted house. Teiichi is in there and tells Kirie that Yuuko wanted a haunted house for the festival. Annnnnd then you see Yuuko in her white kimono again..Frankly, where did she get that? Haha. So, when shes done putting on the kimono, she goes off and teases Teiichi. Jesus. Haha. So Kirie gets upset and has this look in her face to which Okonogi replies with "this being frustrating", thinking Kirie is mad about the festival. Ohhh Okonogi, only if you weren't so dense. ~<3 While they talk, Yuuko is still messing with Teiichi and gets even more close to him, where he replies with a "your touching". and Yuuko giggles and asks what shes touching. My god, you guys are 15 XD Like what? Okay, I feel so old.

So, Kirie grabs Okonogi by the wrist and drags her out from being so pissed off at Teiichi. She keeps walking since shes so pissed that Okonogi had to scream to make her stop. And they get lost. Good job Kirie. So they start wondering around trying to see where they could go. So it goes back to Yuuko and Teiichi. Teiichi asks how is this going to work, considering the only people that can see her is Kirie and himself. But Yuuko replies that people were able to see her before so why not? Pretty much, if they can create an atmospher that makes it easier to see something, it will. People can't help that they will see exactly what they are scared of. does she know this? Is she doing this to herself, like from experience? Is this why she has no memories? Keep that in mind. She goes on saying it wont work for people who are not scared of ghost. Well duh. Then she saids shes ready? For um what? XD and teases Teiichi again. So, she undoes her kimono strap. .....okay? Oh boy lol.

It goes back to Kirie and Okonogi still wondering around. They pass the old science room and Kirie wants to go in to find stuff to decorate the haunted house with. Which is what Okonogi wants to do, but tells her to stop. Okonogi explains that its dangerous to go in there because of the heartless anatomical model. Uh...aren't they supposed to be heartless? XD Anyway, Ghost story number 5! As she starts to explain, Kirie opens the door and Okonogi screams. Then it goes into Yuukos boobs? Wtf. Nice transition. Apparently, when Yuuko took off her tie for the kimono, it was so spin her around, but the kimono would open slightly, obviuosly. Well the story is that the models wonder around at night looking for their lost hearts. When the janitor was on his night duties, he felt someone behind him. He turned around and saw that it was the model. The next morning, they found the janitor's body with his heart cut out. Kirie freaks out and asks where is the model now, and Okonogi looks around and finds it, freaking out. I have to admit, I was a bit scared.
Well the music was all intense as well. haha. Okonogi looks down and sees that there really isn't a heart in the model. She starts to freak out, unable to run from being too scared....AND THEN SOMETHING AGAIN HAPPENS. THIS.
ISN'T THIS AMAZING 8D. Didn't I say that Kirie is like the night in this series. Okonogi was freaking out so much she wasn't really thinking straight, so Kirie jumped in. Kirie yells at Okonogi saying to take a good look at it. It wasn't moving. Okonogi, amazed at Kirie's actions, tells her shes amazing and becomes all moe moe, which makes Kirie blush. Then she saids that she has a nice figure and shes pretty. Lawl. <3 Kirie replies saying shes not pretty at all. Then saids her chests too small. Haha. Then something runs across the floor with red eyes and knocks over Kirie, she was a bit freaked out, leading her to fall to the ground and a skeletion hangs from her shoulder. It turns out it was a rat, and Okonogi shoos it off with a broom. When shes done, she turns around and sees Kirie crying where she fell at. I'm guessing shes scared of the skeletion.  Okonogi gets worried and makes this face. AHHH so cute.
Come on. Gotta love that face. Okonogi helps Kirie up and saids that even shes scared of things. Well yeah, everyone is scared of something. Okonogi smiles and gets up her and starts heading back. Its funny, they switched roles. And they took the model with them. Haha. So then it goes back to the haunted house, and a few girls run out screaming. Yuuko comes out to bug Teiichi, who is manning the front, and start to tease him again. 
So then it goes off with the girls enjoying the school festival. Its pretty cute to watch acutally. And its funny how the model is in random places. 
Yay for 80's montage XD. Haha. Well they start to head back to the clubroom and Kirie stops Okonogi and asks if she can call her Kirie. Okonogi has been saying "Kanoe-san". Its proper way to speak to one another. Okonogi asks why, and Kirie saids the same thing. "why ask why?" And then Okonogi's friends but in and come over. Both of her friends look at Kirie because shes so pretty. So they take Okonogi away for a bit to talk to her, and when she comes back to Kirie, COMMERICAL. Lol.

So, we are now at the Little Sisters's Maid Cafe. Oh boy. You see the changing room, and hear a lot of noises coming from it. Okonogi and her friends are stripping Kirie down. Yup. It happened. haha. Even the model was blushing. aha. So then we finally get to see what Kirie looks like! LOOK :D
Arhg. so cute. Looks like Yuuko, doesn't she? ohohoho~. So then, they push Kirie out onto the cafe floor, and she stands there looking like an idiot. So Kirie gets the courage and saids her line, "Welcome back, Big brother". And it goes died silent, then the entire room freaks out of how cute she is, and everyone wants her to serve them. So cute. And some of the girls got jealous because all the guys were over with Kirie. Ohohoh~
She looks sooo happy.~ So when the cafe is over, Kirie is sitting in the back, and looks at herself in the mirror. Shes convincing herself that she acutally looks pretty cute, even without a chest. Then she starts to say she looks like Yuuko, and she gets upset and storms off. She goes off running and ends up in front of the haunted house and walks right in. Theres a mirror standing there and she stares at herself. She saids that she hates her face, and a voice comes from the shadows. It turns out to be Yuuko. Yuuko asks if she hates her face because it looks like hers. Yuuo also asks if there is anything she hates about her. She also saids that Kirie wants to be like Yuuko. Which is true, but Kirie is now yelling at her saying its not and trying not to freak out. Kirie goes off saying she doesn't want to be Yuuko because shes dead, and Kirie starts to freak out because of what Yuuko is saying to her.
Yuuko saids never open your heart to the dead. The Kirie shouldn't disobey her grandma. I wonder what she means by that, and while shes saying this, it doesn't sound like Yuuko at all..Yuuko grabs Kirie's face and saids that she knows something, but when doing this, Yuuko turns into Kirie. 
Took me like 8 tries to get this screenshot XD It happens so fast. Anyway, Kirie runs out and bumps into Teiichi by accident. He asks her if shes okay and if Yuuko did something to her. She was surprised tht Teiichi didn't call her Yuuko, since they look exactly the same. Kirie then starts asking him questions. Like what about Yuuko does he like so much. And he doesn't answer. Then she saids that she has everything Yuuko has. Woah now. Someones a horny dog. lol. Well she goes on, and then Teiichi saids that when it comes to love, he doesn't care if another is a ghost. SAY WHAT?? Dude, thats not gonna work. Well, in real life anyway. Haha. So Kirie is shocked by his answer, and starts laughing. She teases him and said that he still won't admit hes in love with a ghost. He starts blushing and looks away, and it turns out he can see her chest from where shes standing. She screams and asks why is he blushing because her boobs are small and he saids that shes still a girl and still has that feature. Daww <3 So then, Yuuko opens the door, and Kirie pushes her out of the way and closes it behind her. HE SHE TOUCHED YUUKO FOR THE FIRST TIME. YAYYY. So Kirie explains to herself, that what she saw in the room wasn't Yuuko, it was what she was scared of. It was the half of herself that couldn't love herself. So the group is back to the room and just talking. THE END :D

Ugh I feel so bad for being so late on these. It takes me so long to write these. Gomen~


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: Episode 4 Review

Ah! I need to stop slacking! Alright, Episode 4!

Alright. This is a way to start an episode. I was cracking up since I love Okonogi XD. Ha, well it opens up with the girls changing in the locker room into their swimsuits. While changing, Kirie keeps looking over to Okonogi and telling her basically that shes sexy because she has big boobs. ...Does everyone do that in Japan? lol. Then Okonogi tells Kirie that being slender and small is cool too. So what does Okonogi do? She asks Kirie if she can touch her legs and in return, Kirie can touch her boobs...SAY WHAT? XD Then she saids that Kirie can touch her butt too. ...wut? Why wasn't I informed of this? Hha

Annnnd we are back. The episode returns with the group in front of the school with bags. They are staying at the school during summer for 'training'. Pretty much to find more clues about the school. Kirie was the one that planned it. So while Kirie is talking, Okonogi is off her in her little mood. Spinning and such and asks what the training is about, in which 'Yuuko' came into the conversation because Teiichi can see her from the distance. But her face...wasn't happiness. She was frowning. So they get into the night room, which is where they will be staying for however long they are staying. And again, Okonogi is rolling around the mats. So cute.
Pfft. XD Heres a small hint to the story. Kirie keeps mentioning that her grandma is the one that helped set this up and saids that she usually goes to her grandma for access to things. Anyone have a hint? Haha. Anyway, the group rooms into the room and Okonogi goes off to make tea. I swear she freaks about everything haha. She turns on the water facuet and red water comes out and she freaks and saids its blood. Teiichi tells her its the rust from the pipes and it will go away if you leave it on. So it did. Lol. Teiichi peeks out from the door and sees Yuuko leaning against the wall. He's kinda worried why she isn't jumping all over him and being herself. So then Okonogi looks around the room and finds a journal. She starts reading the journal and it said that every night there would be a thud on the door and when opening to see who's there, there would be no one. And each night, the thud becomes stronger and stronger. So the group gets somewhat scared since they are in the room where the journal was writen at. 

So the group is off to the pool! Typical. lol. You see Yuuko on her back in the pool just kinda floating in the pool while the group talks. Anddd Okonogi's moment again. She said she bought the swimsuit shes wearing just for this 'event' and asks Teiichi how it looks on her and thats when Yuuko turns his head. Weird thing is, you cant see her, you just see Teiichis head move away. He's screaming saying it hurts and Okonogi starts whinging because she thinks it hurts to look at her. Oh dear. So Okonogi goes off running to change and Teiichi is trying to stop her, but theres no use. Then, Yuuko dissapppears. I thought she was a bitch in this scene. 

So after she comes back the group goes off and plays volleyball in the pool. Teiichi clearly gets distracted when he looks up and sees Yuuko sitting on the rooftop and then the ball goes and hits him in the face. haha. So its night time and Kirie and Teiichi get ready to explore, while Okonogi stays back in the room. She wanted to, saying she wanted to experience the knocking of the door. 

So then, Kirie and Teiichi go off to explore the hallways. Kirie saids that she wants them to find a ghost, but its not Yuuko. Kirie explains that there is another ghost lurking around. She saids that when she first saw Yuuko, she looked the same as she did now, but there was something else. A shadow. Kirie saw this shadow one day after school and then after that day, she started to see Yuuko as repulsive. 
She goes on saying that there is something evil in the school, but it may not be Yuuko afterall, but she wanted to find out what it was. While it seems Kirie is about to confess, hands take Teiichi and drag him away, Kirie not noticing. The door closes, and the air is red and eire and you see Teiichi standing in a room, while Yuuko is standing in front of the door. She knock him down onto the classroom desk and calls him an idiot. Yuuko starts yelling at him. Saying he left days on end and when he came back, he played with other people instead, and gave her no attention. Wow..drama queen. But it makes sense. NO one can see her. Teiichi explains that Yuuko has Kirie too and Yuuko straight out saids she doesn't like her because she ignores her. Thhhheeen Yuuko being herself, she asks Teiichi to touch her. Doesn't say where obviously, ohohoh, but lifts her leg up to expose her thigh. She saids that shes always the one to go first so she wanted Teiichi to start, as shes stroking his hand.  Lol. She even saids to touch her when he first did, which was her boob. Lol. Omg. He then saids her hand and she kinda gets upset and saids "you dont remember." Then that bell noise comes up. Hmm..I wonder that means that she 'forgot' those memories. Dunno. Anyway, he grabs her hand first and she gives out a slight moan and she grabs also. 
Both embarrsed, they let go of their hands and turn around. So they leave, back to the hallway and find Kirie sitting on ground crying. Yuuko then apologizes to Kirie to stealing Teiichi away, and then Kirie gets up saying pretty much no thanks. So they all continue to walk and that bell noise comes up again, and you slightly see a shadow in the corner. They manage to get back to the night room, but the doors locked. So what do they do? Knock. Augh...way to scare Okonogi. So the door makes a bunch of noises, like as if someone tried to open it or something attacked it, not too sure. Kirie and Teiichi, scared its a ghost, go to the window to save Okonogi, but then it turns out that she plastered herself to the window, from being scared of the knocks. So then they get into the room, with holy crap on the door, haha and Okonogi wants to play trump, a card game. So Kirie deals out the cards but makes a big mistake, she deals out 4. Okonogi asks why 4 cards, and Kirie starts counting, Yuuko included, and Okonogi screams and freaks out. Haha. 

Then they all go to bed and Yuuko is reading the night log when Teiichi randomly wakes up and asks why she isn't sleeping. Ghost don't sleep. She explains that she used to come into this night room during the winter because it was cold outside. She would knock and someone would open the door, then she would sneek in. The more she did it, the more people got scared, since when they opened the door, they couldn't see her.
Yuuko explains she forgot about this and then Teiichi falls asleep. She then saids that a mystey becomes bland once its discovered and uses that to forshadow her memories. She turns the page to read more, and finds the story of the 'curse stone.' Why does she gain interest in this? No idea..
Then it goes back to Teiichi waking up and having Yuuko laying right next to him. She asks him to get up and get ready, because she wants to go out. When they leave, Kirie is secretly awake and sees them go off. She starts thinking on why they left and I'm guessing shes thinking about sex. haha nice. She then wonders whats so different between her and Yuuko and right away goes to the chest difference. So then as they walk, Yuuko tells Teiichi about the new story she found out. The story saids that if you write a name on the stone, you give that person a curse and they will die. If you find or own name on there, you have the same fate. 

She gives the journal to Teiichi for him to read. The stone's location is at the courtyard of the old school. But wait, theres more. A teacher found the stone, and was cursed by it. Frighten, the teacher left the school, hoping he was safe. She askes if they can look for it, and Teiichi refuses since its so late. She grabs his hand and they go off anyway. YAY 80S RUNNING MONTAGE. haha. Off to explore, while holding hands. And more running, and more running. So then FINALLY, they get to the courtyard of the old school. After looking around, they see the stones, with all of the names ingraved in it. Teiichi looks at the rock and stubbles. He found his name written on there! WAIT. HANG ON. I said 'WRITTEN", no ingraved. Turns out Yuuko wrote his name with a sharpy. Haha. Then she asks if he feels death, and Teiichi saids no. haha. well more like "gtfo." lol
So then, they are at the pool. Why? I dont know. Yuuko starts to strip. Oh yeah. Haha. She explains that curses don't excist, that the feelings you get from being scared is the curse. She tells Teiichi to swim with her, but then she pulls him in and they both are on their backs floating. Yuuko explains about curses. People don't notice that they can't choose what they beielve and what they dont. Beielving in something without noticing is what makes the curse. The get out and sit to watch the sunset. Then it goes back to Kirie sleeping in the room, and that bell noise comes up again, as you see the shadow standing by Kirie's feet, smiling.


Again, sorry for slacking! On to episode 5!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: Episode 3

Hey guys! Sorry I have been slacking lately. It takes about 3 hours to do one of these reviews. haha. alright, on to episode 3!

The episode starts out with Teiichi and Yuuko talking on the rooftop of the school. Yuuko starts to get a bit clingy to him and then the viewer sees her 'true form'. Her skin is black and bloody and her eyes are pure red, along with her hair being tangled and dirty. Then she goes off on wanting sex with her. But the weird thing is, the viewer sees her as the ugly scary one. While shes talking, it starts to zoom out and you see that Kirie's eye is there. Meaning she was watching the entire time, and this 'ugly form' that we see, is what Kirie is seeing.


Alright. Back to the episode. Starts out in the summer! Yay! Teiichi is opening his locker and finds a note inside of it, then gets tackled by Yuuko. She asks what she looks like in her summer uniform, and of course Teiichi blushes. Yuuko tries to start a conversation but Teiichi cuts her off and runs out, saying he has to go, which makes her a bit upset. He runs to what it seems like a closet and opens the note thinking its a love letter, but it turns out to be a seek letter. To meet him somewhere and talk about 'the girl behind you', referring to Yuuko. Yuuko waits in the club room for Teiichi but then Okonogi is the one to open the door. She sits down and talks about more information she found, while Yuuko being in the room. So, just like the letter saids, Teiichi goes after school to the back of the school by himself. He goes up to the tree and finds a young girl leaning against it and asks if she was the one that wrote the letter. The girl goes straight into saying that he's an idiot and hes in danger and hes going to die if he keeps this up.

While thats going on, Yuuko and Okonogi are back at the clubroom and Yuuko asks Okonogi if she knows where he is. She response saying she does, but shes only referring to her note, since Okonogi can't see or hear Yuuko. Then it goes back to the girl and Teiichi. She explains that Yuuko is an evil spirit. Then goes off on explaining the 3rd mystery of the school. Back when the school was built, a girl died in an accident. Because she was mad she died without any questions, her dispear took over, and became a ghost, haunting the school. She wishes for others to understand her misery, that she takes them to the other side so they can suffer with her. Teiichi saids thanks for the concern and walks away, pretty much saying he doesn't believe her. The girl explains even more, saying that not everyone that dies becomes a ghost. The memories and emotions they have that are strong enough, leave them in the living world. She names one rule: never open your heart to a ghost, 2nd rule; the living are stronger than the dead. The girl walks away and Teiichi is standing there in the rain talking to himself asking if Yuuko is lying to himself, and thats when Yuuko appears in front of him. 

Kinda creepy..haha. Well she is wet. While shes standing there, Teiichi's mind goes back to what the girl said. That shes an evil spirit. Yuuko runs at him and hugs him, and he starts to freak out a little. Then the mood turns nice because she sneezes and saids shes going to catch a cold in her own bubbly self. So then, they both go to the nurses room to change and dry their clothes. While Teiici is sitting there drying his hair, in his mind again, he keeps asking himself if Yuuko is really lying to him. In nurses rooms, there are beds with curtains on them, so its not hard to talk through or 'see'. So Yuuko opens his curtain, but not realizing shes naked and he turns around screaming. She explains shes sorry and forgot that he can see her, so she closes the curtain again. So after that, Yuuko asks why Teiichi didn't go to the clubroom. He lies and said its nothing, when he was really with that other girl. She explains she was worried because of a story she heard, which was the same story Okonogi said in the clubroom, about the random disappearances, and didn't want him to disappear. I wonder if she knew about the conversation Teiichi had with that girl..Then she sits down next to him, still naked with a towel and asks him a series of questions. She asks how does she look to him. He doesn't really answer. She then asks about her hair. He responds with its long and black. Well duh Teiichi. lol. Then she asks about her skin and he replies with it being white. Then she asks about her face and eyes, and gets really close to him on the bed. 

She then pretty much just gets on top of him, forcing him to lay down and shes laying on top. She then saids shes happy he sees her the way she sees herself. The weird thing is, you see a spider web right over them. I wonder what that really means? Yuuko saids to him to stay with her forever, and thats when that other girl appears yelling at him. The girl yells at Teiichi for being an idiot and not listening to her and shes here to help him. And then tells Yuuko that shes a bother. The girl goes off yelling at Yuuko and she just stands there holding Teiichi. The girl tells teiichi that she will show him Yuuko's true form. He starts to walk away a bit, and you see Yuukos hand turned black and tries to grab him. The girl goes on describing what Yuuko really looks like, and Teiichi starts to freak out, considering Yuuko is behind him. He freaks out and tells her to stop, saying Yuuko doesn't look like that. The girl tells Teiichi to turn around and look for himself. Like REALLY?? WAY TO SCARE HIM. Hha. I would be terrified. So what happens? He turns around and falls, scared from what he is seeing and blood dripping. She reaches a hand out to him, with her dirty body and blood and thats when the girl grabs Teiichi and runs, making Yuuko fall to the floor.

Teiichi and the girl run out and his mind is going nuts. She explains that, that form is the only form she always sees, unlike Teiichi. She then introduces herself as "kanoe kirie'. WAIT WHAT?? Hold up, KANOE. Thats Yuuko's last name. DING DING. Kirie then explains that Yuuko is her oldest grandmother. 


So the episode comes back with Kirie explaining her side of the story. She explains that she heard all the stories about that ghost, but thought nothing on it until she found a photograph in her grandmas room. She asks her grandma who Yuuko was, and she said it was a girl that used to live there. In other words, Yuuko was Kirie's grandmas' older sister. MIND FUCK. Her grandma said Yuuko died at 15 and didn't explain anything further. So after that, Kirie explains that she started to see Yuuko around the school. After that she started to see Yuuko's true form. Kirie explains that she found the truth of the stories and thats why she can see Yuuko's real self, and tells Teiichi he can't because hes a pervert and only sees what he likes. Teiichi is overwhelmed by lust, that that simple fact prevented him from seeing Yuukos real self. The then explains that her corpse is in the basement of the old building and Kirie tells him to go look for it, but thats when you hear blood splatter and Yuuko comes up from behind them. My god I got scared. Because of the music they used haha. 

He then hesitate to run, but then runs off with Kirie. The both run to the clubroom, and Kirie opens and breaks down the door that lead to the basement, which Teiichi was shook at. Kirie starts to walk down the stairs, but then you hear a slight voice, and Yuuko comes from behind Teiichi, grabbing him, saying that she won't forgive her. Kirie frighten, runs down the stairs. 

Yuuko lets him go slowly, but hes shaking from being so scared. She goes around in front of him and grabs his face, asking to look, and he turns away refusing. She tells him that she probably looks awful now and explains how happy she was that he could see her and how they spent time together, and then slightly pushes him away. He bends down to pick up a piece of paper he found, which was a sign Yuuko made so people wouldn't open the door. She saids sorry and thank you and starts to walk away, and thats when Teiichi grabs her wrist, forcing her to stop. Teiichi saids that he was scared, forcing himself not to believe what he saw and so on. He goes on describing 'his yuuko'. Heres the thing, his eyes are closed and hes describing her, but if you noticed, the room is slightly changing and so is Yuuko. So he pretty much just made his own scenery, and remade Yuuko to what he knows her as.

He tells her thats not enough and saids he needs to look at all of her body, meaning her bones. Come on guys. lol. She blocks the pathway and saids no saying she needs to prepare her heart for this and Teiichi continues and saids he needs to look at it now. "I want to see all of you". He saids. OHOHOHO~ Lol. Okay back to business. Lol. He runs down the stairs and Yuuko stays upstairs, curling up in a ball. He walks down the stairs and hears crying, only to find Kirie sitting there crying. She tries to explain herself, saying she wasn't crying but Teiichi brushes it off. He shines the light and sees Yuuko's bones, getting closer to look at it. 

You notice that her leg is broken?? Poor Yuuko. They both start talking when they hear a water droplet and shine the light some more, discovering a shrine. Teiichi asks if this really was an accident. They talk on asking if Yuuko is the ghost from the ghost stories. Heres the thing. Ghost stories are told from person to person, so its likey for it to have been changed. Or someone did it on purpose. They both walk upstairs and try to figure out what the shrine was for and how Yuuko was related to it. Kirie tells him to still be careful and he agrees, then gets the glare from Yuuko behind the couch, which scares of Kirie. Kirie stops to take a breath and continues walking, but it seems like something is following her.

So it starts off the next day, Teiichi explaining everything. Yuuko is  Kirie's grandmas older sister, and that shes a ghost. A ghost that is seen by people that want to see her and the way people want to see her. Annnnd then Okonogi walks into the clubroom and brings up another story she heard, which they kinda already know about. How the school was built on temple so the school is cursed. The girl that died due to the accident was actually cursed and spirited away. Right when Teiichi was going to explain something, Kirie walks in. Shes now part of the club and Okonogi introduces her. 

Well thats the end of the episode. This was one of my favorites, just because you got more detail about Yuuko and about ghosts in general. Again, I hoped this helped out in some way, these are fun to write, even though they take be 2-3 hours to write..