Monday, April 30, 2012

Acen 2012 Post Con

HEY! Lol. Now it's my turn to write a journal since I have ALOT to say.

First off, thanks for everyone who found me at acen! I missed a few people, but I found most of you, and thank you for all of the gifts! ;//; you guys are awesome

Alright here we go

I changed into Celty from Durarara and caught up with a few fans and friends. Nice seeing you!

OH. then threw a big ass party in my suite XD haha

Since, my Len couldn't finish her cosplay, friday was a real bust for me. Kinda boring. I changed into Celty again, and had SO MANY PICTURES OMG. Like seriously! I couldn't walk 5 feet without getting stopped. It made me feel amazing. I cosplay for youu guys and to see everyone love my cosplay, makes me feel wonderful and like I have succeeded. Then later that day, I changed into Ittoki Otoya from Uta no Prince Sama. I met up with my friend Tsuki, which by the way, THE CUTIEST MISTY EVER. OMG. I only see her once a year so it was soooo nice to hang out with her for a whole day. Totally worth it. Then at night, I changed into Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. That was alot of fun, considering people thought I was a guy. Hha. So. Many. Fan. Girls. XD Had a group of complete asains come up to me and fangirl. haha.

My friend Kristy came to my room, I had to help her with her cosplay. I changed into Nanami Haruka from Uta no Prince Sama and she was Natsuki from Uta no Prince Sama. SHES SO AMAZING AS HIM OMGGGG. Hha. She stayed in character too, which made it even better. And my other friend Olivia stayed in Robin Ciel. So pretty. We walked around the dealers room and got many pictures taken, thanks guys. Along with meeting Sen. XD haha shes so funny. And spazzed at us. bwhaha.

Later that day, I changed into Shiemi Moriyama for the Blue ex. photoshoot. IT WAS SO COLD. I met another Shiemi and she was soooo cute. Love you girly! I also went with my friend Paul who was my Rin and his friend as Yukio. THEY WERE BOTH GUYS YES. Haha. Fangirled.

Then right after, I changed into Celty for the Durarara photoshoot. That was fun. But soooo cold. x-x

THEN AFTER THAT, was the masquerade...ugh. Since my friends are staff, I have the FULL DETAILS. Heres what happened.

The Masquerade starts at 6PM. The event BEFORE THE MASQUERADE started at 6. So because of that, we had to wait 2 hours, since thats when the concert was over. Then right after, we had the fire alarm. Here is what happened. Someone drunk, pulled the fire extinguisher. Now, at the hyatt, when you pull that, automatically, the fire crew is called and the alarms go off. Did I mention that it was used? Yeah. So the entire hyatt was evacuated. Then we went back inside. Bad news again. Since the concert took so long, and because of the fire alarm, the skits were getting kicked out. SO because we worked so hard for a show and everyone was upset, the producer gave all of us free badges for next year. So its kinda cool, but still bummed out.

SO after that, I changed into Imitation Black and walked around, went to get food, then sleep. I was so tired.

SO. FUCKING. TIRED. We had late checkout, which was nice. I went to the vocaloid photoshoot as cendrillon Rin Kagamine with my friend as Len. Cuteee~ then after that, went as Celty again and got pictures. Then we kinda just walked around and bought stuff at the dealers room. Went to dennys as a group and then went home.

I SKIPPED SCHOOL TODAY, MONDAY, SO TIRED. I did wake up to my alarm =_=' but then fell back asleep. merr

Acen was kinda a bust this year. The con itself is starting to die down and I didn't have as much fun as the other years. The only real thing I had fun with was my friends rather than the con. Plus I didn't get as many photoshoots as I planned. Oh well.


My next cons:

-Anime Iowa

-Collaso con



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Haruka Nanami WIP

Hey guys! I finally finished my Nanami Haruka cosplay :D
The skirt is darker than original, but that is what I am using for now, until I get money to buy more fabric.

I am really happy with the result, the wig was a bit brighter than I was expecting, but its so pretty. Might finish styling it, on her left side, she has a piece of hair thats in front of her ear and the rest is back, so I will fix that.

As for makeup, I decided to make it subtle.

Here are some pictures.

Can't wait to wear this with my friend Kris.
Here is her blogger account:

Check her out, shes hip. haha.

See you at acen! :D