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Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: EPISODE 2

Alrighty~ Here is episode two review:

The episode starts out Teiichi talking about the past of the school, about the hallways, the rooms, etc. And how he came to understand everything.

Teiichi is walking down the old school building hallway and it seems that he doesn't know where he is at and what hes doing. Pretty much, this episode explains how Teiichi met Yuuko and how it all started. The cool thing I thought was that Yuuko's bell keep dinging, and Teiichi automatically knows where to go and what to say. Interesting. Well, he finds the door to the club room and looks around, mumbling to himself about the ghost rumors he has heard about. The one about a giant mirror. Well, then he finds the mirror. Haha. Well he then turns around, due to someone calling his name and then Yuuko appears, scaring him and him falling to the floor.
Yuuko does her usual cute remarks and tells him hes 'rude' for being scared of her. Teiichi responses with Yuuko scaring him.
The go on and start walking, Yuuko asking him all sorts of questions. And Teiichi being...well a guy, is thinking about her looks and her body. She finally tells him that shes the ghost of the old building and Teiichi doesn't know how to respond. She keeps telling him shes a ghost and then suddenly, Teiichi gets these' memories' and or 'visions' in his head, along with that bell dinging. So, he figures if he can't touch her, she isn't really a ghost. Here's what happens:
Oooohhh Teiichi. Haha. They keep on walking and talking, ending up outside on top of the school. Yuuko explains that she has amnesia and she holds no regreats or grudes. She can't remember anything and nor does she want to. I think it's because if she finds out, shes scared she can't be 'pure' anymore. Yuuko explains that it doesn't matter who she is or her past. Then they exchange names. Here's the thing. Remember the voice from eariler? That was Yuuko, so why would she ask for his name again? Teiichi thought the same thing, saying , "Wait, didn't she already knew my name." Now, I'm wondering how she already knew, but thats for a different time. 
Sooo then, Yuuko takes Teiichi out walking and they just talk. Its funny because shes the one doing everything, he even asks her that. She explains that shes Teiichi's hallucination. That rumors cannot pass this world, and that she isn't part of this world.  Yuuko has this thing on forgetting, so she kisses Teiichi on the head so he's 'forever' marked, meaning there is no way he can forget her now.
Teiichis asks her if she will start haunting him and she goes off telling a story. Kinda weird eh? Anyway, she explains that there is a story of a girl that died on campus and her body still remains at the school, saying that the entire ground is haunted. Teiichi asks if the story is refering to her, and she responds saying 'maybe'. He starts thinking if her body is still here, and he gets those 'visions' again. Heres a few screenshots:

Heres the weird thing. In one of the visions, it looks like Teiichi is standing on top of the stairs looking down at Yuuko. So, he snaps out of the 'visions' and looks around. Saying that Yuuko needs his help. He starts to think and figures out that shes behind the giant mirror. So she pushes of Yuuko and runs to the old building. When he does, Yuuko tries to stop him. Teiichi manages to get to the room and breaks the giant mirror with a bat, exposing the stairs. Teiichi goes down the stairs but manages to fall, haha, and thats when Yuuko runs in asking him not to go inside. oops. He turns and sees her remains sitting here. Then a weird voice comes out and saids that 'No matter what happens if you stand in front of it , don't look over your shoulder. Because if you do, the ghost will pull you in and you will be trapped in the mirror forever." So while this voice is saying all of this, the entire first and this episode starts playing backwards. Kinda creepy don't you think? Well then Yuuko stands in front of the stairs looking creepy and saying "you saw it even though I told you no". Kinda like this:
I thought shit was gonna go down! XD but then this happened:
Yeah. Me and Teiichi were confused. She sits there blushing and crying saying that Teiichi saw 'all of her body". Teiichi responds saying they are just bones. Well duh, they are. She screams out that she couldn't be even more naked. That this was beyond naked-ness...hmm..yeah. I don't know. Guess a ghost thing? XD And then she screams at him telling him to stop looking at it and calls him a prevert. Haha. 

So after this scene it goes off on Teiichi saying that yes, Yuuko was the ghost from the stories. An accident let he to be trapped and died in the campus. Anddd this is how the club came to be! wooot. Yuuko formed it to learn more about her past. Now she wants to know.I think it was an excuse to keep close to Teiichi. And she goes off and saids that he saw her naked and he blushes and screams. Oh dear. 


Annnnd we are back. Crap, the firs part of the episode had a lot of things going on. Sorry for this review being so long ;-;. ALRIGHT.

The episode comes back when Teiichi explaining the past of the school. I like that the anime does this, considing it is kinda confusing when the characters talk to each other, so its kinda like a backup. He explains that the school was built on top of a mountain where a shrine used to be at. Turns out Teiichi was reading a book about the school. See what I mean?? Damn this anime. Haha. Well then Yuuko takes off his glasses and messes around with them. I get the feeling she doesn't want him to find out because she already knows?Thats my guess. Anyway, Yuuko messes with him calling him a perv again and say he wants to see her body again, when all he wants to do is figure out why and how she died. Well, Yuuko is still walking around with his glasses and she falls. HOW ORIGINAL. Right on top of him. And even asks him if he would like to touch her. Lolololol. My god. Haha then she takes his chin and forces him to look up at her and tell her to stop teasing girls. Its funny because of the saxophone playing in the background XD haha.
ANNNND to break the moment, Okonogi runs in. Bwhaha I fricken love her. Anyway, Teiichi freaks out and tries to get away from Yuuko, but remind you, Okonogi can't see Yuuko. Yuuko explains that people that do not think of her, can't see her. People that do not think of her existence, can't see her. I wonder how she knows that..Okay. So then Okonogi goes and tells her story of why she needs help and the reason she was there. She stated that she was going to be killed by Yuukos ghost, which obviously, both Teiichi and Yuuko were surprised so they listened. Okonogi explains that she tried playing the game "Hide the Demon." Pretty much what it is, its a 'ritual'. You put a name on a stuffed animal. Okonogi wrote Yuuko's name down. Why? No idea, but she did. You are supposed to do this afterschool when everyone has gone home. Once thats done, you have to say the same ritual and count to 10. Then you find the doll and say 'found you', then stab it, saying 'I buried you'. So after that, you have to hid. 
Apperently, only one person plays this game and apperently, no one will come looking for you, strickly speaking. But its said that 'something' is supposed to come looking for you. The way to end the game, you have to tell the doll that its over. If you don't, the game won't end, and that 'thing' will chase you forever. Pfft. Sounds like that ghost bored game, that everyone ALWAYS moves around the peice to make it look like its a ghost. Who would make up this game? Hmp. Anyway. Okonogi askes Teiichi to help her in her problem and Teiichi freaks and asks Yuuko what to do. Mind you, Okonogi can't see Yuuko, all she sees is Teiichi talking to himself. Lololol. then the phone scene.
Teiichi 'calls' the president to ask permission. Yuuko is the preisdent. Haha. So they talk about it. Yuuko saids its a good chance they might find out something about her past and stuff so they agree to help Okonogi. Ha. So then, Okonogi leaves the room with a charm Yuuko made her. Hmm..let me put it this way. YUUKO MADE THE CHARM. Ding ding. Meaning, IT DOESN'T WORK. Damnit Yuuko XD Teiichi figures it out and yells at her for it. And Yuuko explains that dolls do not just disappear. And what do you know, the stupid doll is on the table. I almost tableflipped. haha. Yuuko said she found it when she was walking around and couldn't just leave it there because it had her name on it. So overall, its Yuuko's fault for the ritual not working. Haha. 
Yuuko then explains that the game is all in one's head. First off, how does Yuuko know all about this? How does she always come up with the answers. Anyone think about that? Anyway, she explains it like this. A game about a ghost, it being dusk out, and tension in a dark classroom. That is a total recipe for anxiety and hallucinations. Pretty much, Okonogi convinced herself. Teiichi saids that she is in no danger then, but that really isn't the case. It is possbile for things you can't see to catch and kill you. Thats what insanity is. 

Okonogi keeps walking from when she left the clubroom and her charm flies off of her hand. The paper turns over and its a peice of homework. Now she figured out that the charm is fake. She looks up and there is the ghost. It kinda scared me at first. Teiichi finds her and grabs her, telling her to run. Bwhaha Teiichi with glasses is pretty hot. >///> anyway. Oh, and the ghost makes this weird noise. Very creepy. Lol. Then you really see whats going on. Let me show you. Remember episode one with Yuuko not being there? Heres what happened. Lol.

<----What Okonogi sees
What really is going on ---------------------------------^ 
Lol. I couldn't help but laugh at this part. It keeps switching off making this 'scary' scene to be extremely funny. Along with the dramatic music. haha. Teiichi explains that, that ghost is the doll, and Yuuko buds in saying she took it. Haha. He explains that the game is a ritual to summon evil spirtits. Yuuko buds in saying she isn't evil. He saids the doll is haunted by the ghost. Yuuko saids hes being mean. Lol. this scene is pretty funny. AND MY FAVORITE PART. The music gets intense and shit gets real. Haha. Teiichi pulls out the 'real charm' and shows it to Okonogi, and thats when the spirit comes up. Here's what it looks like XD I couldn't stop laughing because of what Yuuko saids in a low voice. 

Again what Okonogi sees:
And what really is gong on. Notice Teiichis face changing. Lol I couldn't stop laughing. To make it even more awesome, look at the next transition XD
Um?? XD Hhah omg. Shit just got real. I couldn't stop laughing. With the heavy music and the art looking like fatal fury or street fight, come on?? XD haha. SO, Teiichi gets the ghost. Here's what it looks like XD
*Facepalm* Not every anime is complete without fan service....right? So, a giant explosion and you are left with the doll on the ground. Teiichi tells Okonogi shes fine now and go home to rest, so she does. Yuuko comes out from the door she hid in and asks about her acting skills. I'd give her a 10. Haha. She then explains that people who are afriad of ghosts and see her, they see what they want to see, what their mind tells them to see. Okonogis fear of Yuuko, made her seem like a demon. WOOO.

So the next day, Okonogi comes back to the clubroom. She comes to thank Teiichi for the performance yesterday. Haha. Okonogi tells him hes so cool and she loves how brave he is and stuff, and Yuuko gets a little pissed. I sense jealousllyyy~. He blushes and saids that the 'ghost president' helped out too. Haha. She gets a bit upset and pushes Teiichi in the back slowly and saids that shes ONLY the ghost president, teasing Teiichi. 


And thats it! thats the end of the episode. I hope this review helped you a bit. I tried to explain things without giving out too much. I want you guys to figure sometimes out as well! Comment with any questions or suggestions!

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Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Review: EPISODE ONE

Woooot! On to the episode reviews!


Alright, the viewer right away starts out with Okonogi in the ' Paranormal Investigation Club ' which is nothing more than the old school building's basement that Yuuko transformed. Anyway, Okonogi is writing in her small journal. She carries this around to jot down notes about the rumors and ghost stories that shes so interested about. She ends up breaking her pencil tip and hitting the cat charm she has. As shes going through her bag to get a sharpener, the chat charm starts moving
Then pretty much, Okonogi is talking to herself and writing notes, and everytime she looks away, something else moves. The keychain goes in her face but she doesn't see it, and then her tea cup floats, yet she doesn't see it. Along with her note papers
Finally, she tries to grab her tea and sees that it has been moved and then NOW realizes that theres a ghost in the room, and that's when Teiichi comes in. Okonogi starts telling him that there is a ghost in the room and it seems from the look on his face that he already knows. Teiichi tried to calm Okonogi down, but something is interrupting. Some incidents you see and hear Teiichi talking to someone other than Okonogi, but Okonogi thinks he is doing some kind of ritual. You also see random things happening to him. Like this

Haha. Annnnd thats when Kirie walks in. They all start talking and you hear Kirie talking to 'herself' just like Teiichi did, so Okonogi gets a bit confused on this. So the entire time, Teiichi and Kirie are going back and forth 'talking to themselves' and Okonogi is just taking the hit, haha. So then they start their investigation! About the elevator. Some rumor saying that the elevator moves on its on, even though it hasn't been used by the school anymore, and that if 'it' catches you, you will be sent to the underworld. So what happens? Teiichi gets shoved in it. You see a bit of Yuuko kicking Teiichi, which I thought was pretty cool.

Haha. this made me laugh so hard. Typical. So Okonogi and Kirie go to the floor the elevator stopped at to grab Teiichi. So then, the episode goes back to the beginning, showing what actually happened. Turns out Yuuko is the reason why everything was happening. Haha. It was fun to see the episode twice in 2 different standpoints. 
So pretty much, the whole episode replays again with Yuuko in the picture. Its kinda funny. She does these certain things because she likes Teiichi and wants to be with him, no one else. Theres a part where Teiichi takes out his phone to talk to the club president, which happens to be Yuuko. Its pretty funny. He needed to talk to the president so Okonogi would calm down a bit, so to make it look like hes not talking to himself, he uses the phone as a filler.
So they go on their investigation. You know what I noticed. Teiichi blushes EVERYTIME someone grabs his arm, well mostly girls. Okonogi gets scared because the elevator starts moving, so she grabs on Teiichi and he starts blushing. lolol pervert. So then, Teiichi gets pushed into the elevator and then you really find out what happened in there. This is probably one of the most famous scenes of this anime. 
Yuuko goes on how Teiichi is the only one that can see her, the only one that can touch her and understand her. And Teiichi asks about loneliness and Yuuko replies with she doesn't know what that is, since she has no memories of her past or any grudges, so she can't understand loneliness. Its kinda small in there so Yuuko starts moving and Teiichi blushes and yells at her to stop since they are very close. In the end, Yuuko convinces Teiichi to touch her breasts and that when the door opens, only for Kirie and Okonogi to see. Well Okonogi is the only one that can't see Yuuko.

So the group is finally together again, and Okonogi goes off talking about Yuuko and her grave, so they go to the grave themselves. Its located at the tip of the mountain behind the school, according to Okonogi. Yuuko is hesitation at first, since she really doesn't want to see it, nor doesn't remember about it, but they go on anyway. They find the grave and Teiichi explains to Okonogi that Yuukos body isn't likey to be there. Its in the basement but he doesn't mention that. Okonogi goes off saying that the person that made this grave must have loved Yuuko dearly and Yuuko gets upset by this, her eyes widen and then she kicks over the grave, leading Okonogi going nuts
She calms down a bit and Yuuko asks Teiichi to walk with her. They walk up to the tip and see the school. She explains that she was there before, but she can't really remember details. She kinda feels it. They go back to the grave, Teiichi wanting to pick it back up, and he finds a strange bell right where the stone was. 

In the end, Teiichi saids that the first ghost story in the school is about Yuuko. and that Yuuko is the one that has been possessing him. And thats how it started.

Well hopefully this helped you guys a bit! I was trying not to spoil anything and keeping it simple, but it was really hard to figure out what to say to match my screenshots. I think I added too many pictures and not enough detail..haha.

Up next: Episode 2!


New Anime: Dusk Maiden of Amnesia + characters

Wow. I just watched a new series that came out not to long ago, well the anime at least, since I don't really read manga. It's called 'Dusk Maiden of Amnesia". In Japanese: "Tasogare Otome x Amnesia". Sometimes people throw in Twilight Maiden, still the same thing.

This series is very interesting and one of those that leaves me wondering and wanting more in the next episode. Well here is the rundown of the series, without spoiling too much. Yuuko Kanoe is a ghost of the school she once went to. She died in campus, but has no memories about when why or how about her death or anything before it. Hence the 'amnesia' part. haha. She meets a freshman, Teiichi, and they both go on an adventure to figure out how Yuuko died. There are 12 mysteries/rumors of the school, and they both try to solve each one, along with two of their classmates.


"Dusk Maiden of Amnesia": Dusk meaning she never sleeps, she usually wonders around that time of day.
                                           Maiden meaning she is very pretty and has the perfect structure.
                                           Amnesia meaning she has no memories of her past
"Tasogare Otome x Amnesia OR 黄昏乙女×アムネジア: litterary means "Twilight Maiden x Amnesia"


Teiichi Niiya - First year- Freshman

Why to start off a new school and a new year huh? Haha. Well he is probably my favorite character, considering there are only 4 characters in the entire story =_=. Teiichi is your average young male, going to school to study and do well in the future, along with being a pervert. Haha. Aren't all young males? He has a kind heart, and doesn't like to just leave things be, he will try to fix it to the best of his ability. I admire that about him. He has brown eyes and Blonde hair :3 He also sometimes wears glasses. haha. I don't want to say too much, spoilers ;A;


Yuuko Kanoe - 3rd year - senior [[i think]]

Theeee main character and my favorite! Yuuko-sann~ ;-;~<3
Anyway. Yuuko is the 'schools ghost'. The rumors going around the school say that she died in an accident and is buried in campus, in the basement, but no one really knows the real truth. Trying to keep in vague, trying not to spoil. Mer. Anyway, she has a bubbly personality, and I love that about her. Shes always smiling and always wanting to have fun, just like a teenage girl. Shes one of those girls that you can say this line to, : "Her getting angry?? Never". Plus shes cute right? Come on! She does have a bit of sexual temptations...maybe thats why everyone likes her so much. haha. Her eyes are red and her long hair is a purple black.

Momoe Okonogi - not really too sure what class shes in..-

AH! SHES LIKE THE CUTEST THING EVER. AHH~ I fangirl over her so much it's sad. haha. Shes that typical scary cat in the series, but shes so cute about it, well that I think. She wants to help Teiichi with the investigation on the 12 rumors, but shes always so scared to do anything. Haha, cute. But she does end up doing things, but she usually freezes up due to being too scared. Also, shes very dense. It takes her a while to get things and she usually freaks out over really small things. I find that adorable. XD She plays a big role in Kanoe's life.

Kirie Kanoe - Again.. not too sure, i think middle school-

Shes kinda the 'knight' in this series. Kirie is one of those types of girls thats not very girly, not 'attractive' and just doesn't care about certain things, but pays off by being strong. When the group goes on their investigation, she is the one that usually leads. But heres where it kinda sucks, shes scared of the dark, but doesn't admit it to the group. So what does she do? Takes it like a man and goes through with it. There is a small bond between Kirie and Okonogi, but its not enough to 'declare' anything. Still kinda cute.
So...that's it! Haha those are the main characters in the anime series, not the manga. 

Overall, this series is pretty good. There are a lot of scenes that jump from one story to another, and is left the viewer a bit confused, but with the funny things and the bonding, it kinda makes up for it. Its one of those 'you have to watch it and say for yourself' type of shows. 

Well thats it! I will post up episode reviews soon, since I've seen the entire series but the last episode. It comes out the 27!th

Heh..my Yuuko cosplay! XD Stay Tuned!


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Anyway, how is it going?? I'm getting so much happier lately. I am meeting a lot of new people and cosplayers from around the world! It's super exciting.

Just wanted to say what my next cons are:

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