Monday, January 11, 2016

Charlotte OP "Bravely You" [ENG] Lyrics [[TV SIZE]]

Hey guys! I recently just finished this anime and decided to translate the opening for you guys! Hope you like it. :D

The world will fall into chaos and end
We’re told without much mercy

What did you listen to by yourself? 
I was watching a small distant dream 

What will I choose to keep and what will i give up on, I’m not sure. Who do I think I am to try to make that decision anyway. All the things I will determine has already been prearranged. I ask the gods if they are sure that there is no mistake about it.

I was never really all alone
You were alway by my side as I reach my arms to you 
There nothing to be terrified of

Even if I develop into a monster, I’ll see this through